Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's coming on Christmas ... wish there was a river I could skate away on

I woke up today wondering why I'm depressed. No, I'm not depressed. Not really, I decided. Just a little sad. Okay. A LOT sad.
In August I celebrated  one of those very huge "milestone birthdays" that changed everything. I now get a "government entitlement" stipend every month including a deduction for my "government entitlement health insurance" both of which I've invested in for my entire work life.  Well, that's another discussion. Still, it's a contributing factor.

And it's December - a long way 'til tulips.

 The days are short. Sunlight is a precious, rare commodity. Blue skies are few and far between. Such the reality of living in upstate New York. We've already had a little snow in Lily Dale. Actually we had a LOT of snow - almost a foot - over a couple of days, a couple of weeks ago. 

Here's what it looked like. That's a little Precious Moments Garden Angel, about 12" tall resting  in my garden which is about 5" above ground. Got the picture?

Gratefully,  as I write this I'm not in Lily Dale. I'm spending some time with "my Swedish knight." I'm sitting in the family room - the savanna - looking at the back yard thru huge patio doors. The sun is trying to peek through the clouds. The trees are filled with a variety of birds who've discovered the feeders are finally stocked with sunflower seeds. And two very fat squirrels are romping in the yard, eyeing the feeders and plotting their route to them.  It's a quiet, peaceful view that makes me smile.  

Good thing I'm trying to keep my feet under me as I deal with a relentless, overwhelming reality that this is my first Christmas without my Mom. Try as hard as I can to push through it, to get beyond it, my heart aches in a way I didn't know possible. 

Recently someone told me I shouldn't dwell on it, that I should be grateful that I'd her for so many years. Yeah, well, I thought I'll remind you of that when you go shopping, see something that's a perfect gift, pick it up, then realize the reason for getting it is no longer there to receive it.  

Oh well, I'll get over it. Rather, I'll get thru it. 

I've tried to get into the holiday spirit by baking cookies. Lots of them. I'm almost done with my shopping, just a few little things and then the endless task of wrapping them. Not a problem. I'll throw on some music - a little holiday rap maybe - and have at it. Next week, after I'm back in Lily Dale. 

So, I'll make the music the river I can skate away on. I'll surely smile, remembering when we were all home for Christmas. 

And as I'm wrap up this blog, the sun is out, and it's starting to snow. 

The Divine always hears our prayers. 
Spoken or not, conscious or not.
And the answer is always waiting.

Wishing you all a blessed, peace-filled holiday season.


  1. Can only imagine what it's like to be without mom during the holidays...and I know nothing I can say could possibly make it better or easier to deal with, but I'm sending happy holiday filled thoughts and prayers your way. And I also vote for tulips at any time of the year! :-)

  2. Just think of all the people you have helped through the years and whose lives you have changed, mine included. Peace and Joy to you Martie.

  3. I lost my mom and dad almost 12years ago. Yes I got through losing them 4 1/2 weeks apart. As a child I worried about losing them both at the same time,did I foresee the future? I know my faith got me through the immediate loss. But holidays especially Christmas are really hard. Even though my kids are with me I miss my mom and dad. I know someday we will all be together again, but today is still a challenge sometimes. Thank you for sharing your feelings. Someday I'd like to come to Lily dale to have a reading. I have heard so much about it.

  4. I didn't know until I saw a TV documentary about Lilydale. So, I looked it up. Seems like a nice town, too bad I'm all the way down here in North Texas. Anyway, Marti, you have a nice smile and write beautifully. I hope you've been better since Christmas. Time it seems really slips away, you get used to someone being there and when they're suddenly gone the heart just can't comprehend their absence. Bless you always with no shortage of joy nor the sweetest memories. I leave you now to continue to find my way.

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